Light and darkness in the Middle Age

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During the Middle Age London was divided in two parts: one that worked as a political centre and the other that was the business centre. During this age the commerce increased a lot and as a consequence the population grew up; in fact the number of inhabitants moved from 15.000 to 80.000. [photo armorial shield with three lions emblem]

The streets were narrow and the houses were made up with wood and straw.
The Museum of London is situated in London Wall and shows an historical itinerary of London from the prehistory to our days.
The gold, the dust, the richness, the poorness, the noblemen, the peasants; if the Middle Age charms you, the London Museum can offer you the chance to see many objects and collections of this period.
For example, who doesn’t like knights and warriors?! Here is a huge number of armours, shields, swords that can catapult you in a time where the loyalty was fundamental and where the sweat, the blood, the death are mixed in one of the most beautiful and terrible show of all time: the war.
Or if you’re more “humble”, you can sit in a perfect reproduction of a medieval peasant house, with a thatched roof, a fireplace and realistic sounds that will make you feel as you were in the past; moreover you can also wear some traditional medioevo2clothes of that time to best understand the fashion of that time .

But It’s not everything; rest of bones are kept here, sometimes marked with violent injuries; adult skulls, children’s skulls, this shows up the cruelty of an Age characterized by wars and the Black Death. That’s why there’s a very interesting video about this pestilence: a little bit frightful but absolutely fascinating.[photo Medieval shoes]

This is the proof that London has not always been like this, it has had some periods a lot of wars and problems but this is the path that has brought London to work as a big machine.


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