Summer screening this August with two film directors from Italy: Agostino Ferrente and Vittorio Moroni


On Sun 9th August the doc “Le Cose Belle” (The Beautiful Things),

on Sun 30th the fiction film “Se Chiudo Gli Occhi Non Sono Più Qui” (If I close my eyes I’m not here)

6.30pm, Genesis Cinema + Q&A + reception with Italian food



London, 3rd August 2015 – Two Italian film directors will be protagonists of the Summer screenings by CinemaItaliaUK at Genesis Cinema this August: Agostino Ferrente and Vittorio Moroni will bring their awarded films to London and will meet Londoners for a Q & A about youth and immigration. All films, in Italian with English subtitles, will be followed by a complementary reception with Italian food. 


On Sunday 9th August 6.30pm, in the documentary section, there will be the screening of “Le Cose Belle” (The Beautiful Things) by Agostino Ferrente and Giovanni Piperno. After the film there will be a Q&A with the film director hosted by Italian filmmaker and producer Luisa Pretolani followed by a reception with Italian  focaccia offered by Donna Fugassa. 






On Sunday 30th August 6.30pm the fiction film section presents “Se Chiudo Gli Occhi Non Sono Più Qui” (If I close my eyes I’m not here) by Vittorio Moroni who will join the screening for a Q&A. 



Among other awards, “Le Cose Belle” won the Premio Cariddi at the Taormina Film Festival 2014, a special prize at Nastri D’Argento 2014, was named “Best Italian documentary” at DOC/IT Award in 2013 and won the Salina DocFest in 2012. This documentary tells the true tale of the strain and the beauty of growing up in the South. The story covers two stages in the  lives of Adele, Enzo, Fabio and Silvana.: their early youth in a Naples full of hopes in 1999 and their young adulthood in the paralised Naples of today.


Agostino Ferrente says: “On watching this film many people ask themselves whether our protagonists have managed to fulfil their childhood dreams. Actually the real question is rather a different one: whether these youngsters had a right to dream! We all know that such a right should belong to all human beings and yet it is too often denied to those from a disadvantaged background. This reality does not pertain only to the Italian South but to the whole world, London included!

The fiction film “Se chiudo gli occhi non sono più qui” is about youth, immigration, friendship and school in Italy. Vittorio Moroni won twice the Solinas Award (the most important prize for screenwriters in Italy) also for the story of this film.


Kiko is a teenager whose dead father was Italian and whose mother Marilou is from the Philippines. They live in Friuli with Ennio, his mother’s new boyfriend, a foreman who recruits and exploits illegal migrant workers. Kiko goes to school, but at the same time  he is forced to work in Ennio’s building yards to help support the family. At school, his Asian origins expose him to racism even by his best friends.


Vittorio Moroni says: “I believe there is something Dickensian in this film which identifies apprehensively with adolescence. Nowadays we sense a serious danger all over Europe: the adolescents of today are oppressed by the reality of precarious work and the necessity to become productive asap. For far too many young people born in Europe there is no longer a guarantee to the rights that its citizens ‘conquered’ in this century: the freedom to discover who one is, what  one’s wishes are, what is crucial for one’s own existence  they have all  become an unattainable luxury!”.


The CinemaItaliaUK programme in September will continue with the documentary “Fear & Desire” by Ludovica Fales, on 13 September, and with the fiction film “Il nome del figlio” by Francesca Archibugi on 27th September.





Le Cose Belle / The Beautiful Things

Le Cose Belle / The Beautiful Things

“Le Cose Belle / The Beautiful Things”+ Q & A with Agostino Ferrente On Sunday 9th August 6.30p… READ MORE