Sport really improves London?


Sport is an activity which has attracted humans since its ancient beginning.
Sometimes sport is not seen in its complexity and, paradoxically, that’s what makes it special. Infact if one thinks of a sportive park, like the Olympic Park of London where we have been yesterday, many things could be seen from various points of view.
For example it is possible to notice the great contrast between the busy and noisy life of the city and the quietness of the green sportive park.

The most of interviewed people at London Olympic Park, affirmed that it is this quietness, which there is also in places such as libraries, that make easier to live in the frenzied London’s life.
Surely this aspect induces to think that the above-mentioned park has taken away a lot of moneys from Londoner’s hands for a plan not very much profitable.
Well not: many people don’t know very well that Olympic Park helped very well to improve the East of Stratford’s area. The area was demoted, which is a synonymous of dangerous, but today one can simply see many people, also belonging to different nations, bringing their children at the park to play and spend happy days.
The economic value of this park is visible above all in the fact that about 25000 men will work in this area: this fact is really helpful to trace the sketch of a city which is considered as one of the most important European city in economy.
The Olympic Park was the location of the Olympic and Paralympic games during the summer of 2012, far the third time in England, after 60 years. 

Some people of London, interviewed at the Park, has a good memory and opinion of the Olympic games, above all about fraternity’s mind which pooled various sharing countries. During the opening ceremony 95 premiers from all over the world took part at the event.
In conclusion, sport has not national borders and it improves us to make a better future.