Queen Elisabeth II : Mother of her people?

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London – What Londoners thing about Royal Family:

As we know on 9th September 2015, Queen Elizabeth II has overcome the record of permanence on the throne of her ancestor Queen Victoria for more than 63 years, and this is the longest reign of a queen in the history.

But in the 21st century is the monarchy still important? We’ve attended an enquire, asking English people if they like the queen and the monarchy and who they think would be the best successor, Charles or William. We’ve taken a sample of 4000 people that has been noticed in different areas of the capital: British Museum, Convent Garden, Piccadilly Circus, Tower Bridge, Bank, Leicester Square and East London. On page 10 there is a graphic that shows precisely the results. What you can see from the data is that British people love the queen because they think that she’s an important symbol for the country and they really believe in the monarchy, not only because it increases the economic power of the kingdom. But there’s a little part which is composed by people who don’t care about the monarchy and the royal family, and they think she is only an attraction for the tourists. [ illustration by Alessia Dinoi groups puglia ]

So the idea that all English people love the queen is a stereotype especially in the poor areas. In fact some answers surprised us because they were really negative: “I don’t like the queen because she cares only about her family and rich people”, “She represents us, but she’s controlled by other people”, “She is too old”, “She’s a German impostor”, “She can represent us but not the church”.


Going through this enquire it was spontaneous also asking who people want as her successor. Most of respondents would prefer William than Charles because he’s the youngest. A very interesting answer that a lot of people have given is that they prefer William because he’s Diana’s son and it underlines how much people still today love Diana, sometimes more than Elizabeth.

CHARLES WILLIAM CON TOTALE-page0001So from the richest zone to the poorest zone, we found different opinions, trying even to get to the bottom, beyond the simple answer, in order to understand what the monarchy and who represents it means for the population.


A good witness is a special respondent, deaf and dumb, who just to express what the queen means for him, has asked paper and pen, writing there his opinion, rather than go away. An enquire that goes beyond the trivial, but tells, between the lines, who are the English that the queen “has grown up”.


Who are those people who admirate and hate her, that criticized and speak lovely about her figure, who want her at the throne or have the dream to see Diana who govern the reign. People have different ideas and gave different answer to our questions but the most ones say they want the Queen at the throne and they also see William in the future of the country. Anyway we want say: God save the queen!