In the British Museum you can visit the area of the Precolombian civilizations in particular of the Maya and Aztecs that settled in the centre and the south America before the New world was discovered by Cristoforo Colombo in 1492.

These popolations had some things in common:they were sedentery, they practised agriculture but they were warriors too infact they thought that war was a religious duty and they often fought each other.

And that’ s the reason why we haven’t a lot of reperts from these civilization. But what you can see in the museum are a lot of little things like handmade instruments and utensils that are inspired to the nature or to the animals.

So you can find out that these people were very close to the nature that was around them. The society was organised in a gerarchy and even if the Head Was the king they didn’t live in an empire but in city-states.

By the time they also developed a language made of symbols, with wich they could comunicate each other. They were interesting in studying astronomy and watching the astries so they realized a calendar with wich they predicted that the world would probably finish in 2012… But this didn’t happen!

So if you have the chance to go and visit the british museum don’t stop only to the greek zone or to the most famous reperts but vist also these very interesting civilization and learn more about them!


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