God willing: a great surprise


The latest Edoardo Falcone’s film has been a revelation.

Located in the heart of East London there is a small and interesting cinema that differs from its competitors by being always current and innovative.

The staff of CinemaItaliaUK organise the screening of a selection of Italian films once per month, and in doing so, they almost carry one corner of Italy to the center of a huge metropolis like London.

The title of the last Italian film screened was “God Willing”, directed by Edoardo Falcone and interpreted by two great: actors Marco Giallini and Alessandro Gassman.

The story is focused on the daily life of a well-off family in Rome that over the course of the film will come across to some unexpected experiences. Each member of this family goes through their own identity crisis, but not everyone will be affected the way we might expect.

The story begins like a normal Italian comedy, which for me was not the beast start, as I have always enjoyed thrillers more. However, over the course of the screening I changed my opinion, because God Willing turn out to be much more than a simple comedy. I changed my opinion exactly like the protagonist changes his in the story – that curiously, his name was Tommaso, just like mine.

Tommaso (Marco Giallini) is an important and very professional surgeon who believes strongly in the power of the science and his expert hands. Not only did he not believe in God and Christianity, he was also a member of anti-religious movements, which he joined when he was at university.

When his son announces to the family that he wants to become a priest, Tommaso tries desperately to show him that Don Piero (Alessandro Gassman) was not a good person, with a turbolent past.

Don Piero notices Tommaso’s attempts to besmirch him, and gets him to help with the restoration of a ruined church. From this moment on, the lives of these two “enemies” will be linked, and while Tommaso begins a personal jorney towards the Church, the members of his family will remain at the start point.