The wonders of life


Life is made up of many special events, one of them is fertilization. It ‘a phenomenon of sexual reproduction, in which two gametes from different species bind to bring the formation of a new cell, which later take the name of the zygote.

There are several cases of fertilization: there is the inner one, in which the male gametes are released directly into the female apparatus, and the external one which is that fertilization which mostly takes place in water, in which the individual releases the gametes so that the another individual may collect them in opportune moments. Finally there is the assisted reproduction in which the union of gametes occur via artificial. But what are the stages of fertilization? Firstly million sperm reach the fallopian Faloppio, which are later attracted the oocyte, but only one of them manages to penetrate the egg, and then finally to fertilize the zygote. As a result of this process is followed by others, such as the development of the embryo, placenta and fetus.

The placenta begins to develop at conception.

It is therefore a vital organ to the fetus, with which it is in close relation. The main task of the placenta to the fetus is to ensure the necessary nutrients for proper development.

The fetus is nothing but the product of “mutations” that the embryo undergoes from the third month. Life is made up of many events, processes unknown to us, we begin to know them without dwelling on what’s appearance.

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