David Cameron lends the RAF’s bases to the French allies


The Britain’s premier announced to give the RAF’s bases to France for carrying out a series of repeated aircraft strikes against the strongholds of Islamic State After the terrorist attack that has affected Paris, the secret services of whole Europe are focusing their controls in Bruxelles.

The capital of Belgium is much more that a simple capital because is the true political and administrative centre of the whole European Union, for this reason ensure safety in those building where are settled the most important institutions it means maintain order across the countries that belong of the European Union.

The press of all over the world is gone in Bruxelles for telling us how, the inhabitants of this city, are living this moment of tension.

In fact the intelligence after, the assault to Bataclan arena, released a declaration saying that Bruxelles, own for its important rule inside the European institutions, could be the next likely target of the foreign fighters of Islamic State.

However just today, the premier of United kingdom David Cameron in a press conference from Paris done together the president of French Republic Hollande, confirmed the willing of United Kingdom to give support to the French allies for bombing the strongholds of Islamic state in Syria.

It is not clear yet if, the Royal Air Force will take part together with the French fighter at the aircraft strikes against the bases of terrorists in Syria, or will allow only that the French air force could use the airport belong to RAF, anyway it is an important choice.

This could become an historical choice because it confirms the willing of the European states to put the word end at the Islamic States. If, after the attempt in Paris, every country had a different idea about how contain the violence of ISIS, now are all convinced to carry out several aircraft raids against those region in Syria and Iraq that belong to Islamic State.

Although the United Kingdom has been always an unicum in the Europe Union, its aid to the France in this tough moment, shows us how when others countries need an help Great Britain answers always with speed and firmness.

I hope that the good decision of David Cameron could be only the beginning for a series of repeated attacks toward the Khalifate of Terror in the regions of Middle Orient and North Africa.



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