Inauguration of the Native Italian Actors (N.I.A.L.)

NIAL actors


Consulate General of Italy in London to host the launch of N.I.A.L. Directory of Native Italian Actors (N.I.A.L.) helps production companies find actors who are fluent in English and Italian London, 9th of December 2015 – On the 16th of December 2015, the Consulate General of Italy will officially present N.I.A.L., Native Italian Actors in London, a directory of bilingual actors.

The event will take place at the Consulate General of Italy at 5.30pm. N.I.A.L. is the first directory that lists professional Native Italian actors based in London, who are fluent in both English and Italian.

It was founded in 2014 to offer Casting Directors and Production Companies a single point of contact when searching actors who speak both languages. N.I.A.L. members are trained and reliable bilingual actors of different ages, gender and casting types.

The Consul General of Italy, Massimiliano Mazzanti says: “Cinema and theatre have always been a passion of mine. I believe that actors getting together to create a community with a common goal is a great initiative that we are very happy to support!” Efficient directory for production companies and casting directors

The idea of the association was born among a group of Italian actors based in London who were discussing a common experience at castings. When the casting was for Italian speakers they found many non­Italians who couldn’t speak the language, and vice-versa at castings for English speaking Italians they were surrounded by Italian actors who could barely speak English. There was a need to create a community of trustworthy bilingual actors. N.I.A.L. was founded by Anna Elena Pepe, Sara Laratro, Alessandro De Marco and Simone Douani.

Nial actors-with-the Counsul General of Italy Massimiliano MazzantiIt is now run by an executive committee that includes the founding members and the actors Cecilia Gragnani, Manuela Maletta and Marco Gambino and is currently a directory of more than 40 actors. Besides the support of the Consulate General of Italy in London, N.I.A.L. has gained the support of important institutions, such as the Italian Cultural Institute (ICI) and has formed partnerships with organisations such as Cinema Italia UK, Italian Kingdom and Artisti 7607.


Furthermore, N.I.A.L. is a powerful network and sustains activities to train, promote and support its members.

Especially since the go-live of its website in March 2015, the network has proved its effectiveness: it has been a source for several castings in the UK and abroad and even provided the full cast of the upcoming movie “Il Ballo delle Meduse” (Dancing Jellyfish) by Aurelio Laino, Freeside Films. N.I.A.L online: