CinemaItaliaUK success of the documentary – Senza Lucio-


Without Lucio The last work of the director Mario Sesti is a documentary entirely dedicated to the figure of the great Italian singer Lucio Dalla. Narrated by Marco Alemanno’s voice, his partner for a lot of years until his end, “Without Lucio” is a open window on the private and professional life of this icon of Italian pop music.

This documentary has been selected for being screened on Saturday 12 December, by the staff of Cinema Italia UK that once again confirms the great expertise of its team that, event by event, offers to us screenings always more interesting.

The director and movie critic Mario Sesti decided to fill the huge gap that the Lucio Dalla’s death left in the whole Italian society, dedicating to this important artist an entire documentary.

But the purpose of Mario Sesti’s last work was not only to celebrate the Lucio Dalla’s successes, but was that to show us Lucio under a lot of aspects of his secret personal life.

A travel in to the memory of one of greatest Italian pop artist of ever, his best hits are not only a piece of history for the Italian cultural heritage, but are treasures donated to the world’s heritage.

Dalla began his artistic career as musician in a local jazz band of Bologna called Rheno Dixieland Band, he played the clarinet but his versatility was so clear since his early beginnings, that the famous singer-songwriter Gino Paoli, hearing Dalla’s vocal qualities, suggested that he attempted a soloist career as soul singer.

It’s very curious also the anecdote that links the famous director Pupi Avati with Lucio, indeed the Italian director was a member of the same Jazz band but when Dalla did his entrance in that band, his huge talent as clarinettist, was so evident that Pupi Avati began to be invidious and to hate a bit him.

However Dalla’s debut at the “Cantagiro music festival” in 1965 was not a successful probably for his music, which was too original and experimental for that time. Anyway his great talent did not remain in a shadow for a lot and first with the song “4 March 1943” and after with “Piazza Grande”, Lucio Dalla was definitely projected on the Italian musical scenario. With “Caruso” written in 1986 and “Attenti al Lupo” composed in 1990, the Italian singer reached the notoriety to abroad, his great hit “Caruso” was also sung by two important Italian tenors such as: Andrea Bocelli and Luciano Pavarotti.

During the documentary, of the director Mario Sesti, will not emerge only the important results that this Italian singer-songwriter achieved over his artistic career, but thanks to the tribute that important national and international artists such as: Toni Servillo, Renzo Arbore and Jhon Turturro, wanted to pay, the audience will can know the private life of this versatile artist.

A true and emotional journey across the Dalla’s life, this is the purpose that the author of this Documentary wanted to insert in his last work. Watching this, the public will receive interesting and curious information about his life and thoughts unknown to the majority of people.