Countdown for British Astronaut Tim Peake for UK historic mission


Principia mission and the challenges of tomorrow

At the 11:02 of the morning of Tuesday 15 December, from the world’s first and largest cosmodrome at Baikonur, in Kazakhstan, will be carried out the launch of the last space mission in the program for this year whose code name is: Principia Mission.
It won’t be a normal mission but the importance of this launch is, for the Great Britain’s history, as well important as the landing of the Moon’s surface.

In the crew of the rocket Soyuz there will be also a British citizen, the astronaut Tim Peake.

Tim Peake will became the first British to go inside the International Space Station, even though the UK Space Agency has been contributing over the year at the assembling of the International Space Station, never before of that day, a British citizen reached the Space Station.

The United Kingdom will add another important page at its space history program and in London the Science Museum did not want to miss this epochal event.

During Tuesday 15 December, from the morning to the evening, the Science Museum will organize a series of events for celebrating and paying its tribute to this important result.

From 10.30 to 11.30 there will be a screening of the launch, then it’s possible to take part in a number of space related activities and meet space experts in person.

The other main event is forecasts for the evening and will start at the 18:30, around 16:45 and 17 the rocket Soyuz should reach the ISS, so the first video of Tim Peake on the International Space Station will be shown from 18.30.

[photo- Tim Peak at the scienze museum]

Tim Peake, during the six months of his mission, will be part of an international crew; the mission, called Principia, will be very important for the next future of the mankind. During these months the crew will use the unique environment of space to do experiments as well as try out new technologies for future human exploration missions.

In the attachment below you could download the full program that the Science Museum will curate for celebrating Principia Mission. 


(Italoeuropeo e LIVE LondonONERadio will be in the scienze museum all day for this historic mission, and historic day)

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