A year of success for CinemaItaliauk in London now great 2016


London -first documentary of the CinemaItaliauk for 2016 is NapolIslam! Don’t miss it Napolislam 17 gennaio 2016alle ore 18:30 Film will be followed by a Q&A with the Director Ernesto Pagano
Director Ernesto Pagano goes through the city of Naples with his camera and enters the lives of ten Italians who converted to Islam , a young unemployed, a bride to be, a rapper, a family man …
Different people who have found in the Koran a response to social injustice , unbridled consumerism , the blackout of hope .
But the religion they have chosen is not only a faith, is a lifestyle governed by a system of rules that comes from a distant culture How to reconcile it with their own?

Between an halal donut and a prayer on the road, their daily
stories, sometimes bitter sometimes amusing, shed new light on Naples and on our society in general.

CinemaItaliauk also :

Io e Lei (Me, myself and her) with Sabrina Ferilli and Margherita Buy, will be in London at Genesis Cinema on Sunday 31 January from 6:30 pm.







The Great Italian cinema in London here some great movy only of the 2015.

Noi e la Giulia

The Cinema Italia UK is increasing, screening by screening, its audience, the reason of this success is because the members of the staff, compound for people that have been working years on the fields of: cinema, entertainment and communications, know very well how and what movie select






God willing: a great surprise



The latest Edoardo Falcone’s film has been a revelation.

Located in the heart of East London there is a small and interesting cinema that differs from its competitors by being always current and innovative. [read more ]




September calendar of Italian films in London

CinemaItaliaUK FEAR AND DESIRE Poster 1London, 7 September 2015 – September calendar of Italian films in London will focus on films made by women. Both directors Francesca Archibugi and Ludovica Fales will be present at the screening of her own film at Genesis Cinema at 6.30 pm, each one will take part in a Q &A and will meet the audience afterwards [read more ]




“Se Chiudo Gli Occhi Non Sono Più Qui”

On Sunday 30th August 6.30pm at Genesis Cinema
Kiko is a teenager whose dead father was Italian and whose mother Marilou is from the Philippines. [read more ]


Le Cose Belle / The Beautiful Things


Le Cose Belle / The Beautiful Things


“Le Cose Belle / The Beautiful Things”+ Q & A with Agostino Ferrente On Sunday 9th August 6.30p… READ MORE




A great evening of cinema and art at the General…

A great evening of cinema and art at the General Consulate of Italy N.I.A.L. (Native Italian Actors London)

On Wednesday 16 December the General Consulate of Italy, has been hosted a interesting event entirel…READ MORE