From Pistoia will start the production of 29 new trains for UK


Has been announced a great news from the Italian industrial sector, especially on the field of transport, in fact seems the the United Kingdom confirmed the purchase of a new fleet of train for the next year.

On July 2015 has been signed the agreement for the delivery of new 29 train between the Hitachi Rail Italy and the Great Western Railway.

The Hitachi group, founded in 1910 by electrical engineer Namihei Odaira in Ibaraki Prefecture, since 1918 its headquarters was moved to Tokyo.

Hitachi group is one of the most important industrial conglomerate of the world and, over the years, there has been a long industrial relationship between this this great company and our country.

I want to remember that some years ago FIAT industrial found an important accord with Hitachi for the production of new hydraulic excavators.

Now there is another strong link but not in the field of working machines but in which of transport and train. During 2015 Hitachi acquired the great Italian company Ansaldo-Breda, previously belonged at Finmeccanica.

Ansaldo-Breda has been for year an important leader for the production of trains and other vehicles of transport, but now Hitachi with is important acquisition is official become one of the most important group in the world on the field of rail transport.

The recent agreement signed between Hitachi and the Great Western Railway forecasts the production of 29 new trains AT 300 for serving the railways between London Paddington and the cities of Plymouth e Penzance, located at west of the country.

This contract worth over 500 millions of euro and will employ thousands of Italian worker in fact the entire production will be done at the plant that Hitachi has in Pistoia.

For this Tuscany establishment will be a great honour build trains for the renowned and prestigious Great Western Railway. The Great Britain played a leader role during the beginnings of the railways and the Gwr has been accompanying the growth of Great Britain on the field of railway transport.



The Great Western Railways is so famous in England that the romanticism Pinter J.M.W Turner dedicated his great painting entitled: Rain, Steam and Speed, own to the Great Wester Railway.

Pistoia and its citizens received an important task, but the expertise of the workers and the managers of this factory of train will guarantee a great and excellent final work.