Tracey Curtis-Taylor following the footsteps of the first pioneer English woman.


Tracey Curtis-Taylor has carried out her long journey across the world reaching just yesterday Sydney.

Flying on her, 1942 Boeing Stearman Spirit of Artemis aircraft, over 23 countries and making some 50 refuelling stops, yesterday she is finally arrived at the destination. She wanted to follow the footsteps of the famous pioneering and English aviatrix Amy Johnson.

Amy Johnson achieved a world fame during the 30s and 40s for being the first woman pilot, or in the language of the time, “aviatrix”, to fly solo from England to Australia. Furthermore during the years of the War World Two she wanted to give her contribute to the British military effort for this reason Amy took part in several missions joining at the newly formed ATA, Air Transport Auxiliary.

Unfortunately during a flight over the Thames Estuary she had serious problems with the engine of her airplane and could not avoid the crash. In that day of 1941 the weather conditions were very heavy, there were rough sea, strong tide, snow and an intensely cold. She died but her achievements have been written on the books of history and they will be keep for ever.

As demonstration of her unbelievable fame, Tracey Curtis-Taylor picked the challenge up of that fearless aviatrix and decided to repeat the great journey carried out more of eighty years ago by Amy Johnson.

The pioneer woman Curtis-Taylor took off from Farnborough, Hampshire, in October and after a lot of weeks of flight, she landed just yesterday in Sydney. During her flight she crossed huge space such as: Mediterranean Sea, a part of Middle East, the Arabian desert, the Gulf of Oman to Pakistan, India and Asia.


Finally when Tracey landed in Sydney, She could show all her joy for this great adventure and thanked everyone who supported her during this intercontinental challenge.