“The Crown” the first series entirely produced by Netflix for the British market


Have been published the first official images about the first series TV produced by Netflix in United Kingdom. The announcement is come during an important day for Netflix, in fact just yesterday the streaming media company launched its new global service that will touch 130 new countries in every part of the world.

The series TV, entirely produced by Netflix, will be entitled “The Crown” and will be focused about the young Queen Elizabeth II and her first steps toward the achievement of Monarchy power.

“The Crown” tells the history of the young twenty-five year old Queen leading the oldest and powerful Monarchy in the world and her attempts to get the respect of the charismatic prime minister Winston Churchill.

After the World War Two, although the United Kingdom had won the war, the country had lost all its wealth and international authority. The Great Colonial Empire was ending and the weight of England in the foreign relations was lighter than earlier.

Therefore the new series TV “The Crown”, that will be split in ten episodes, is focused own on this complicated period for the old British monarchy and will help us to understand better how the young Queen Elizabeth II was able to restore the fortunes of Great Britain and its Reign.