Twist and Shout a 50s and 60s night


Bring me back to the 50s and drive me around the 60s. Well, shake it up, baby, now Twist and shout Post World War II rebellion, the vitality of Rock ‘n’ Roll, Elvis, the British invasion, Cadillac, mini skirts and the Hippie movement.

 is back to London and It will bring back to life the atmosphere of the two most revolutionary decades.

Twist and Shout! has been founded in 2011 by Alessio Granata ­ who rediscovered the 60s music due to a journey to London ­ CEO of Twist and Shout S.r.l. And Dj for the events. Together with Alessandro Leuci, co­organiser, tour manager Dj and bartender, they started organising Dj sets in Milan’s Club.


Due to the audience’s positive response Granata and Leuci started to cooperate with bands, dancers and hairstylists. Since then they have been touring Italy (Milan, Turin, Rome, Vicenza, Treviso and so on), Europe (Paris and London) ­ and on November 3 they’ll reach New York – entertaining the audience throughout the night with a rock’n’roll, swing, do woop, twist, and so on and so forth, repertoire.

This time, here in London, the two Djs will work side­by­side with an extraordinary team of professional artists. Lipstick and Curls, Uk’s leading make up and hair team – winners of the London Vintage awards – that will provide a Free Hairstylist and make up service.

Markus Rosendal , professional dance teacher, performer and Dj, will offer a 50s dance class. Active from 1998 he moved to London in 2015 performing and teaching 20s­50s style.

Surfin’ Kids, an Italian band from Turin, will be live on stage. Andy Caligaris – drums ­ Luca “Zanna” Simeoni ­ double bass – and the frontman Nick Mantoan founded the band in 2014 brought together by the passion for rockabilly.

Influenced by the Stray Cats, the trio brings adrenaline and rock’n’roll energy on the stage. The moment for London to wildly dance is approaching. And, who knows, maybe you’ll get a chance to slow dance with Elvis. th @ the GARAGE, 7.30 pm. London. April 14