The Minister of Justice Orlando and the President of ANAC Cantone took Anti-Corruption Summit press conference at the Italian Embassy.

2016 05 12 punto stampa orlando e cantone ambasciata

London –  More than 40 countries attended, together with numerous International Organisations. The British Prime Minister David Cameron praised the Italian anti-corruption legislation.

The Anti-Corruption Summit was organised by the British Government at Lancaster House in order to promote the fight against corruption at the international level, pursuing the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals and the G20’s UK strategy on the issue.

Italy actively participated to the meeting thanks to its consistent engagement towards anticorruption that has resulted in many positive and effective legislative interventions as witnessed by the positive UN reports on the Italian initiatives. 

The Minister and the ANAC President Raffaele Cantone illustrated the Italian strengths in dealing with anti-corruption, such as national programmes for the prevention of corrupting practices and the creation of the new Authority, the development of a shared culture of legality, the promotion of transparency rules for Administrations and companies, and the new criminal law sanctioning corruption.

At the end of the second session concerning “Tackling Corruption”, British Prime Minister David Cameron indicated Italy as a model for its anti-corruption legislation, specifically as far as the confiscation and management of goods involved in corrupting conducts.

On the margins of the event, the President of the National Anti-Corruption Authority and the Secretary General of the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) Angel Gurria co-signed a bilateral collaboration agreement.

(Picture: @ItalyinUK)