“BELLAVITA” – The taste of Italy

bellavita expo

LONDON – The very first day of the biggest Italian Expo in London came to an end at 5.30pm. The popular food & wine fair counted hundreds of people on its first day, which makes us hope for an even greater success for tomorrow and Tuesday.

 What attracts visitors is the perfect union of many aspects related to the Italian cuisine and products: lucky visitors today had the chance to watch some of the most well-known chefs of the world showcase their abilities thanks to the arrangement of five so-called “Masterclasses” with the award-winning chef and restaurateur Aldo Zilli, specialized in Italian cuisine (seafood and vegetarian dishes), two proud Italian chefs

who are bringing the “buona cucina italiana” around the world, Gennaro Contaldo and Alessadro Grano and the popular Masterchef judge, as well as owner of a 30-restaurant empire all over the globe, Joe Bastianich, who was kind enough to give us an interview – which will be available soon on LondonOneRadio. And what a better way to end the day if not with pizza? Starita made our mouths water with a Pizza Masterclass, where the centuries old recipe of combining San Marzano tomatoes and Buffalo

Mozzarella was showcased on the stage.


Another event which took place on this first day of Bellavita 2016 was the Competition for the Best UK

Sommelier, hosted and sponsored by Villa Sandi’s prosecco, which was also one of the main sponsors of the

whole Expo. The final saw the three best Sommeliers battling it out to become the Bellavita’s best. Judges

included the CEO of Italian wine producer Villa Sandi, Giancarlo Moretti Polegato and his daughter Diva.


This first Sunday fair was also our first occasion to take a brief look at the over 600 products from 260 authentic Italian producers, going from simple restaurants and chefs and reaching some of the most worldwide popular brands like Lavazza and La Molisana. The fair is organized in sections in order to facilitate the visit of every product: most stands are located on the Business Design Centre’s mezzanine and are divided by Wine & Beer, Bakery, Confections & Snacks, Cheese & Dairy, Fruit & Vegetables and Pizza,

Pasta, Rice & Meals.


It looks obvious that this year’s Bellavita started with a bang and the feeling everyone could get today was

that it could only get better from now on.

Tomorrow’s programme is looking just as blimey: many other Masterclasses will take place throughout the day, including Lavazza, along with thousands of mini showcases at each stand, where visitors will have the chance to have a small taste of every product before

making up their mind and deciding to buy them.