Secret London Runs: an alternative way to discover London


Are you looking for an alternative way to better know London?

Then Secret London Runs could be the right choice for you.

Why secret? Because you can explore the city in depth, through places usually unknown to tourists, beyond the typical London attractions. So even the most hardened Londoners who think to know London like the back of their hand, will soon change their mind.

These are places we can see every day, but how much do you really know about them?

Think about The Shard for instance, the futuristic skyscraper by the Genoese architect Renzo Piano. Did you know that the entire area between London Bridge and Southwark was actually an independent state for 500 years? Indeed, there was a separate structure of laws for this area that was under the jurisdiction of the Bishop of Winchester. Here, around the ‘500, a series of illegal activities took place thus to call Bankside with epithets such as “District of sin” or “pleasure gardens.” Just later on and only in this area, even before the jurisdiction of the City of London, activities such as prostitution, fight between animals and the theatre (the most famous is the Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre, of course) were regularized.

With Secret London Runs on Saturday 3 September, you will run for 10km through the city, searching of hidden clues among the streets of the capital to win the cryptic team challenge, the true highlight of the race.


Participants will in fact discover a hidden secret about the history of London after receiving a brief by a police agent from the 18th century. You will have to run the streets looking for witnesses, suspects and clues to solve the intricate puzzles in the shortest possible time.

Each team will be composed of up to four people. The location will be in EC1 area but will remain secret until the day before the competition, when experienced intelligence agents will receive a message stating the meeting place.

Obviously, the team that will unravel the mysterious secret will receive an award that will be announced the night of the competition and the following day via email.

All in the name of strict short secret.

For lazy ones, it is better to state that no one will be required to run! The race is much more based on mental agility than on the physical one and the winning team will simply be the one having the mystery solved faster.

So arm yourself with comfortable shoes and book your place on

The mystery is waiting to be unveiled.