Luisa Liu
London, LFW-18th September 2016, what a great show, full of emotions. So many models, so innovative designers and so different styles.
Some secret?
To be a model, the self-confidence is foundamental. Of course the body shape is important too, but the inner being worths even more.
To be a designer, the inspiration covers the primary rule. Without an inspiration, nothing begins. Moreover they should have a creative talent, something just admirable.
And the style is just -models’ body shapes and designers’ ideas- mingled together.
That is why London Fashion Week is surprisingly polyhedral and full of feelings: it is a mixture of traditional culture and innovative ideas.
LFW -5 days, 83 designer and 35 million guests from over 58 countries- shows how the UK is a major player on the global stage.

What is LFW? And have you ever heard about th “Big4”?
Well, -London, New York, Milan and Paris FW- are the “Big4” fashion weeks, which are clothing trade shows held twice each year, in February and September.
If you do not try, you will never know. Come and taste the magic atmosphere, which transforms London in the capital of the fashion during the whole week. Just wonderful.