Air from the Far East this weekend in Trafalgar Square


It begins on Saturday 24 September when the famous Admiral Nelson’s square will host the Malaysian Night Market.
For the seventh year in a row, Trafalgar becomes an open-air food market: some of the best Malaysian restaurants in the United Kingdom will offer succulent chicken curry dishes and soup spicy noodles.
Main ingredients: stalls, cooking demonstrations, famous chefs and entertainment.
Admission is free, from 12pm to 10pm but expect a little crowd as over 60,000 people are expected to come.
Another day, another country and here we are on Sunday 25 September with Japanese celebrations.
We are talking about Japan Matsuri: this is a festival just dedicated to the culture of the land of the rising sun.
It is one of those events that regularly feature in London and this is the eighth edition here in the city.
Its name comes from the foundation of the same name whose work is entirely run by volunteers who are part of the Japan Association in the UK, the Japanese Chamber of Commerce & Industry in the United Kingdom, by the Japan Society and the Nippon Club. Its initiatives and activities receive support from the Japanese Embassy in Britain as well as from the Mayor of London and Westminster City Council.
This year marks the 125th anniversary of the founding of the Japan Society, a leading independent body that promotes the enhancement of relationships between the UK and Japan.
The most famous Japanese artists will take part to the event. This year will also see the return of Radio Taiso, very popular warm-up gymnastics in Japan: have fun moving your pelvis and stretching in unison with the people who will animate the square.
Joji Hirota & the London Taiko Drummers will win you over with the powerful sound of the drums whilst Taiju Fujiyama will surprise you with magic shows.
The event opens its doors at 10am with uninterrupted shows up at 8 pm. Admission is free.
The set up includes two stages, one of which is entirely dedicated to martial art performances, while the main one will be hosting exhibitions of the most famous guests such as singer, actress and presenter Naomi Suzuki, the first Japanese to have performed at the Parliament in London.
For the more adventurous ones, there will also be a chance to engage in exciting karaoke contests.
Numerous stalls will offer delicious Japanese street food but there is something more. Take part in the ancient art of origami, the complex Japanese calligraphy or just wear the old traditional costumes. Unleash your creativity and leave your artistic mark on the 9 metres canvas that will be installed right in front of the National Gallery.
You will not certainly risk getting bored this weekend!