Frank Lentini turns the One Leg More into His trump card

Luisa Liu
LONDON- 50 years after His death, Rosolini’s townsfolk celebrates Frank, the same one who laughed at Him before.
    Frank Lentini was born in Rosolini, Sicily (Italy), on the 18th May 1889.
His fellow villagers called him «’u maravigghiusu» (the fabulous), since they were afraid of his three legs (one more full-sized leg extending from the right side of Lentini’s hip), “three and halffeet (half= a small foot is protruding from its knee ), sixteen toes and two sets of genitals (both functioning).
According to an anecdote, his mother, during her pregnancy, was impressed by a masterpiece of carpenter -a table with three legs. And that is, as it’s said, why he was born with three legs.
Actually, he was born with a parasitic twin.
    Lentini’s parents considered his birth as a curse and tried to get rid of him as soon as possible.
It was said that in Malta a surgeon was able to eliminate the redundant leg, so the family moved to Malta, but the surgeon did not risk, since the surgery could put him into a paralytic state or worse into death.

Than the family moved to Boston, USA. In their pocket they just have $30. Did they move there in order to operate the boy or to use his deformity to make money and conquire the USA?

    Not surprisingly, pretty soon , at the age of 10, Frank Lentini, Known also as Francis or Francesco, becomes very famous in the circus Ringling Bros with his shows. He is wellknown as «The Three Legged Sicilian» «The Only Three Legged Player Football in the World», «The Greatest Medical Wonder of All Time» and «The Great Lentini» in USA, in Cuba, in South America and back to Europe, such as London, Paris and Berlin. He appeared in commercial advertising, too.
    In 1907 Frank married Teresa Murray, a very beatiful actress, and they had four children.
    Lentini showed without any shame his deformity: he joked easily about it, and boasted that he was the only person who never need the chair to sit down: he could use the thirth leg as chair.
He used also to buy two pairs of shoes and give as gift to his friend who has lost the right foot.
    Meanwhile, in Lentini’s home-town, he became a leggend.
So once he came back, Rosolini’s townsfolk warmly welcomed him. And to express their solidarity torward the hero, they wore trousers with three legs.
   Similarly, on 20th and 21st September Rosolini’s people celebrate Frank Lentini, an hero who turns his deformity into a fortune.