Giacomo Favero: “Taking care of your mouth brings benefits to the whole body”


London – by Chiara Fiorillo

Giacomo Favero, an Italian dentist in London, comes from a family of dental practitioners. His passion for dentistry made him move to the UK, where he founded Favero Dental Clinic.

Favero was interviewed by London One Radio and he spoke about the importance of the mouth’s hygiene, mentioning products such as mouthwash and toothbrush.

How did you kick-start your adventure?

My adventure began in 2011-2012, when my father decided to expand our brand also in the UK. He decided to do so because the Italian community here is massive and most of the people feel like they need a personal contact with the doctor.

In England, dentists are not seen very positively by the Italian community, therefore we thought we should invest here to demonstrate that people could have someone to trust.

So, I moved to London to run the family clinic. The last five years have been tough, but now they are bringing good results.

Word of mouth is working very well. We have many Italian patients and this shows that we are doing our job properly.

You donate smiles in London.

Yes, smiling is like a business card. The mouth is where the beginning of the whole body starts. Taking care of your mouth brings benefits to the whole body.

How should we use the toothbrush?

In our mouth, we have both good and bad bacteria. It is very important to brush from the top to the bottom and from the bottom to the top, very lightly. Too much pressure may damage the gums.

How many times per day should we wash out teeth?

At least twice a day, in the morning and at night, for about 3 minutes. Mouthwash and Hymalaian salt are very important and useful for the cleanliness of the mouth.

What should we eat to protect our teeth?

Eating healthily is essential not only to keep our mouth clean, but also to keep our body wholesome. I would suggest to eat a lot of vegetables, such as celery: this makes us salivate, which protects our mouth. The food we should avoid is made up of sugars, which create acidity in our mouth.

Mediterranean diet is great. But keep in mind that you should always brush your teeth as well.

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