Strangers No Longer -Italian Forum 2018 14-15 March 2018 – LSE –


Londra – As the world is engulfed by growing waves of nationalism, the question of migration is becoming increasingly salient, at national, international and global level. Undeniably, Italy’s geographical position translates in it being an entry and further path to Europe.

The Italian Forum will analyse origins, challenges and potential solutions to the ever-growing phenomenon of migration.

Held at LSE, in a conference spanning two evenings, through the interaction of high-profile speakers including civil society, academia, public and private sector, the LSE Italian Society aims to shed light on the issue of migration in Europe, and the way in which this multi-faceted notion can be better understood and captured in the public debate.


Italian Forum 2018 14-15 March 2018 – LSE Conference Agenda Wednesday 14 March 6:30-8:30PM LSE Clement House 4.02:

Panel I – Geopolitics and Migration Flows in the Mediterranean  -The first evening will be focused on the geopolitical situation in Northern African and Middle Eastern countries, and the role these play in the creation of migration influxes and the development of a long-term response to the challenges that stem from migration. Panellists will then discuss the dynamics at play in managing migration inflows in Europe and consider further avenues for international cooperation.

Panel II – Fostering integration: Opportunities and Challenges of Migration –Thursday 15 March 6:30-8:30PM LSE Tower 2 2.04 The second evening will be devoted to the discussion of long lasting solutions to migration, analysing national schemes for political and economic integration of migrants. The panel will assess notions of citizenship and social inclusion, and the socio-economic opportunities that legal immigration can bring at national and international level.