Business & Promote your company in London

Do you want to promote your company or your start up business? Do you have already a business in one of EU countries and now do you want to start a business abroad?

This is the right space for you.
We offer two different kind of services to promote your company:

You can publicize your company in our magazine buying a space for the banner, or buying a whole page where you can describe your activity, your mission, your products, your store/s, your contacts. In this page you can attach a picture of your store and add all the material that you think is important to communicate.

You can also get information of the companies that support who want to open a business abroad and you can get in touch with them.

As a whole, we specialise in providing innovative solutions to the hospitality industry and in event management. Using our in-depth knowledge, our team of experts always provide the best solution to maximise our clients’ success. With passion, expertise and professionalism, we listen intently in order to fully comprehend and deliver solutions to all your needs to promote your company.

We focus our promotion of food and drink products on Italian and UK products. With business consultancy, our services range from company start-ups to legal and financial advice.
Our company also cares much about giving people chances to learn through internships and many other experiences. We have many years of experience with event management as well as venue searching.

We understand greatly that marketing and PR are very important in business and are ready to provide a great range of services such as attracting new business and encouraging repeat business. Lastly, cookery courses and tutored wine tastings is something we also offer because we believe that both beginners and experts can always learn something new. Our specialties are the qualities mentioned above and so much more.

You can book the service sending an e-mail to or by phone