Tuesday, October 26, 2021

The rule of the infrastructures in the growth of the countries

London Economy - Infrastructures are a fundamental strategy for all the countries that are following an important levels of growth. Micaela Cappellini of...
Silvio Berlusconi

The case about Berlusconi in some international newspapers

 guardian.co.uk/ Silvio Berlusconi denies sex allegations with statement of 'stable' relationship Italian PM counters claims he paid a teenager for sex, saying he...

The Scourge Of Earth

  Ladies and gentlemen, the glaciation is served. This, and much more, are repeating in chorus televisions and improvised scientists, spurred by the...

The Catholic Church in the Middle East

Following the work undertaken at the Special Assembly for the Middle East (10-24 October 2010), the annual visit to the Holy Land (Israel...

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