Wednesday, October 27, 2021

CLAUDIO GUERRINI – Once upon a (first) time

by Stefania Del Monte RDS radio presenter, correspondent for La Prova del Cuoco on Rai1, presenter and commentator on TV programs,  collaborator of the weekly magazine...

Gaia Trionfera, the young violinist around the world

by Rosita Pirulli Gaia Trionfera, born in Assisi in 2000, dazzles the international audience with her best friend, the violin, with which plays music written...

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GIANCARLO COMMARE – “I dream of Tornatore and Sorrentino”

by Stefania Del Monte Rising to prominence with the roles of Edoardo Incanti in the Netflix series Skam Italia and Rocco Amato in the daily...

ROBERTO FARNESI – The actor with a passion for cuisine

(by Stefania Del Monte) Actor and entrepreneur, Roberto Farnesi made his debut as a model and photo novel actor for the magazines Lancio and Grand...

BARBARA PANETTA – Chloe’s Promise

(by Stefania Del Monte) Barbara Panetta is the author of Chloe’s Promise, an alluring new children’s book and video initially raising funds in favour of the NHS and...