“I disagree with what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it”
Evelyn B Hall

The main purpose of the magazine L’ITALOEUROPEO is to create a network aimed by the attitude for a free and fair information and for the dialogue between the cultures of different countries.

Philip Baglini, Founder and Manager Editor, was born in Italy on the July 1974. Nuclear physical and journalist (Editor NUJ in UK) and writer. (15 Years in London). Member of Apulia Accademy in London, member of the British Italian Society (London) – Baglini is CEO of I.C.&.S Ltd (London) International Communication and Services, that Italoeuropeo.com and LondonONEradio are part of. He is the author of two books: “Passi nel silenzio” and “Intervista con le stelle” edited by Boopen and “Cento Poesie d’amore”.


International Communication & Services Ltd (I.C.S)


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I.C.&S. is a multimedia publishing company from 2010, that operates that operates like online magazine with Italoeuropeo.com(.it) – Independent magazine in London, news from London and abroad born in 2005. With a radio, the official Italian radio in London (2014), (the voice of Italians and Londoners). LondonOneradio.com, to promote young artist in London and out London. It is also one of the operators in London tourism services & promotion of territory, with vivilondra.com, tour and information for London from 2010.

I.C.S. make a video promotional for company, photo press report, documentaries, reportages and event & public relations also.

Based in London our commitment regards the production and circulation of culture and information to open dialogue and increasing global awareness about cultural diversity.

We operate in organizing press conference activity during exhibitions or events. We work with a creative and dynamic attitude to plan successful advertising strategies.

The magazine Italoeuropeo is the one popular on-line magazine for independent news from London and for many years is inserted in European projects and many students have done training in Italoeuropeo.

The radio, LondonONEradio is a good opportunity for people to promote the music, but is also a good reference point for Italian people to listen news, facts from London.

The tourism with vivilondra.com services, is a good opportunity to visit the great London with tour, in everywhere.

I.C.&.S. has a wide range of communication services, London tourism services and other services in Uk.