London One Radio, new web radio from London.
Music, Entertainment, Deepeding by one of the most vibrant and beautiful cities in the world: London.


LondonONEradio is a independent radio in London for Italians and English people.

I am phili Baglini Olland director of (.it) magazine in London and LondonOneradio.

I’m here to spread to you the first and official radio station in London, the voice of Italians and londoners

London One Radio, is official new online radio station aimed at the Italian community in London ,and young londoners artist, has now launched. The station aims to aims to promote young artists and give them a chance for their music to be heard. All italian and English people can said anything n LondonONEradio: facts, opinions or dedicate music to people. a station one connectionThe website features news on upcoming concerts and events, videos, podcasts and interviews and is designed to be the voice of Italians and Londoners in London. The editorial team can be reached on 0753272201 and This email address is The team can also be found on Facebook at The website can be viewed at
London One Radio, was wanting to spread the news and music of young Italian and worldwide.

* If you have a story to tell, a situation you wan to say do it freely
* If you have been victims of scams or other things to tell radio
* If you want to say about your adventure or misadventure do it!
* if you are young artists and want to play your music, send your MP3s to our free email
* If you have an activity and do you want to spread it as well (for the particular advertising services on the activities’ radio services are chargeable)

So LondonONEradio wants to be a point of reference for all in London. We have help to experienced businessmen like: lawyers, accountants, professionals, doctors ,and many others
that can help you by answering your questions.

for Advertising or contact mail: