University Stage

Italoeuropeo is able to help you in getting a working experience inside a new magazine in London.
The stage in the Italoeuropeo magazine is an opportunity to enrich your knowledge and professionalise your curriculum vitae in a smart and professional staff.

The Italoeuropeo is an online magazine whose core values are professionalism, quality and respect for an indipendent information.
You can experience with us writing articles in a free thought culture.

You can work in team with other students or with the editorial staff.
Some student from many European Universities have already got the stage in the Italoeuropeo.
If you need a tutor/ mentor, The Italoeuropeo can help you assigning you the right person to answer your requirements.

You can compare yourself with other students and people of editing staff.
Same University’s students have already made the stage in Italoeuropeo
If you need a tutor/ mentor, Italoeuropeo can help you, giving a person of prepared of Italoeuroepo’ editorial staff.

You can book the service sending an e-mail to or by phone