EDUCATION, YOUTH, CULTURE AND SPORT COUNCIL Brussels, 19 – 20 May 2011 The Council will begin on Thursday at 14.30 with a session on culture, chaired by the Minister of State for Culture, Mr Géza SZİCS. The formal proceedings will be preceded by a lunch during which Audiovisual and Culture ministers will discuss the  future of the CULTURE and MEDIA programmes after 2013. In public deliberation, the Council is expected to reach political agreement on a decision establishing a European Union action for the European heritage label. The Council will adopt conclusions on the  contribution of culture to the implementation of the Europe 2020 Strategy. In public debate, ministers will discuss mobility information services for artists and for culture professionals and the Council is also due to adopt conclusions on this matter. 

Furthermore, the Council is expected to designate Plzeň (Czech Republic) as European Capital of Culture for 2015.   The Youth session will start at 18.00  and will be chaired by the Minister of State for Social, Family and Youth Affairs, Mr. Miklós SOLTÉSZ. In the morning (11.00) will take place the usual “Informal Forum”  between the President of the “Youth Council”  and the expanded troika (BE, HU,PL, DK) and representatives from European youth organisations.  The Council will adopt a resolution on encouraging new and effective forms of participation of all young people in democratic life in Europe.   The Presidency will present the results of the first 18 month cycle (1 January 2010 to 30 June 2011) of the structured dialogue with young people on youth employment  and the Council is expected to adopt a resolution on this subject.  In public debate, ministers will discuss voluntary activities of young people and their contribution to the development of local communities, in the context of  “2011- European Year of Voluntary Activities”.

On Thursday evening will be held the traditional informal dinner with the social partners to discuss education matters with the participation of ministers from the member states of the expanded troika, Commissioner Vassiliou and a representative of the European Parliament. The  Education  session will start on Friday at 10.45, following a working breakfast for the Education ministers. It will be chaired by the Minister of State for  Education, Ms Rózsa HOFFMANN.  The Council is expected to reach political agreement on two recommendations: – one on promoting the learning mobility of young people;- the other on policies to reduce early school leaving. In this context, ministers will also  discuss, in public debate, prevention policies to combat early school leaving aimed at the  socio-economically disadvantaged, including the Roma.  

 Furthermore, the Council is expected to adopt conclusions on early childhood education and care.  The  Sport issues will be discussed in the afternoon, starting at 15.00 and will be chaired by the Minister of State for Sport, Mr Attila CZENE. The high-level structured dialogue with representatives of the sports movement, also including Ministers from Member States of the expanded troika, will take place at lunchtime. The Council is expected to adopt a resolution on a European Union Work Plan for Sport (2011-2014). Ministers will also have a public debate concerning sport-related aspects of on-line betting,