NEW INSTITUTE OF FINANCE ESTABLISHED AT LEICESTER Conference on examines Banking and Finance Post-Crisis


A new Institute of Finance is to be inaugurated at the University of Leicester with a conference on Banking and Finance Post-Crisis.

The Institute of Finance has been established at the University of Leicester to serve as an international centre of excellence for research and teaching in Finance and as a link between the academia and professionals working in the Finance industry.

The conference on 17 June is a collaboration between academics in the Institute of Finance and the UK-based Money, Macro and Finance Research Group.

Professor Emmanuel Haven, Director of the Institute of Finance, said: “The Institute is interdisciplinary and it coordinates the activity of a large community of scholars in Finance at the University of Leicester who are currently housed in several academic departments, including Economics, Management, Mathematics and Computer Science.

“The main goals of the Institute are to facilitate the interaction among academics interested in Finance and the interaction between practitioners and academics at national and international level. These goals are pursued by attracting researchers and professionals of the highest quality from around the world in order to provide academically stimulating discussions and debates on Finance-related issues that are industry-relevant.

Professor Panicos Demetriades, the main organiser of the conference and Treasurer of the Money, Macro and Finance research group, indicated that “this conference is a very important event.  It brings together some of the leading experts in the world in the field of banking and financial regulation.  Its timing provides a unique opportunity to debate the recommendations of the Independent Commission on Banking Reform that were published in April this year.  “Does it go far enough to protect the taxpayer?” is certainly one of the questions we will be looking to answer – a question that is at the heart of the heated public debate on the future of banks nationally and internationally.

The conference will examine topical issues in banking and finance, including reputation in investment banking, the role of loan defaults, the finance and growth nexus in light of the crisis, and the design of new methods to regulate bank liquidity. 

The conference will feature a panel debate of the future of banking and financial regulation. Speakers at this session include LSE Professor and former MPC member Charles Goodhart, Charles Calomiris of Columbia Business School, former advisor to the US government and member of the Shadow Financial Regulatory Committee, and Alan Morrison, Professor of Finance at the University of Oxford, a leading expert on investment banking and banking regulation. Other speakers at the conference include Dr Svetlana Andrianova, Reader in Economics at the University of Leicester, and Professor Peter Rousseau of Vanderbilt University in the United States.


Conference on 17 June examines Banking and Finance Post-Crisis