Italoeuropeo’s Services


ITALOEUROPEO’S STAGE SERVICES and opportunity to make a training in journalism :


Italoeuroepo is a magazine of information, that has followed, and follow not only the   Italian  community but also English community to provide Italians living in London, and Italians in Italy who want to come to London news, insights and curiosity, news ‘, about one of the most’ beautiful city ‘in the world.


The magazine italoeuropeo it not just a static magazine of information, but it’s ,  a good  training for journalism and journalst, that come from to Italy or from EU to make a experience English and journalism.

Many  college’s students  have make a training in the magazin, and also, many schools sent their students to get a jorunalism experience with various European projects such as PON, Leonardo etc .


In addition for support our communication activites , We gave voice to  the magazine and music, founding a Web_Radio for Italians and londoners in : LondonONEradio.


so if you are interest send mail to : for more information