Fuoricinema: the happening for musicologists and cinephiles


MILAN – “Fuoricinema” is an happening born from an idea by Cristiana Capotondi and Cristiana Mainardi in collaboration with Anteo SpazioCinema, which aims at collecting life experiences, opinions and dreams linked to the world of cinema in order to spread them around as a shared heritage. It will be an exclusive outdoor event of sharing, highly influenced by its setting, Milan, city of fashion and design. The event will also raise funds to support three charities from Milan: Fondazione Arché, Missione Sogni and Associazione Bianca.

The long-term project will see a different theme for each year: this year’s theme is “dream“, seen as a vital energy which allows us to overcome reality and create a better reality. The event will take place in a wide area in front of via Gaetano de Castillia and many artists coming from the the world of music, cinema and entertainment will give their contribution: they will be able to share their stories with the public, in a very unique and intimate way.

A new project is set to be launched before next year’s edition: a Fuoricinema event will be organized once a month, and the philosophy of this event will be constantly shared through the official website.

In the words of Cristiana Capotondi, one of the organizers, the main aim of the happening is to put people before products and to deepen a relationship between the public and artists, in order to support the importance of diversity, through the undying support of arts, especially cinema and music.