Escape in Art: Italian Theatre in London


London : For the Italian Community in London, it is now a tradition that every last week end in November there is the yearly date with the play by the group Escape in Art. This year the date slipped to February, but as usual the audience filled the seats at the London Oratory Arts Centre, to enjoy an evening with a very funny play by Gian Carlo Pardini called” Vampiro Compreso”(vampire included).

Pino Ferrara, one of the founders of the group “Escape in Art” has directed most of the plays, acting as well in some of them, but for this year he left these tasks to Antonio Silvestri, a very talented actor who has been in many plays of this group of volunteers where Artis the main reason of existence.

All the participants of Escape in Art are amateurs, but they act with a passion and with a confidence that made them as close as professionals.

The purpose of these performances is to raise funds for the Department of Children Hepatology at the King’s College Hospital, and the audience is happy to contribute at this noble cause while having a great evening as well. Every year not only Italian people come to this awaited appointment, more and more people from other countries who learn Italian while living in London come to spend a nice evening with a play who reminds in style  one of Noel Coward’s classics with double entendres and misunderstandings that flow in hilarious situations.

For anyone who wants to join the group Escape in Art, it is possible to contact them for auditions, reminding that theatre is not the only activity of this group, where Art play the most important part, so poetry, photography, literature and literature competitions.

Pictures by Vincenzo Albano