The columns of Italian prestige in world science

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Today, 2nd of June 2011 “Day of Italian Republic”, we wish to divulgate how Italians in the world contribute to the prestige of Italian Science. They work in institutes which are predominantly supported by public funds: state universities and institutes in Italy (CNR, INAF, INFN), as well as the university systems of California, New York State and Texas  in USA, CERN and ETH  in Switzerland and several British Universities. In UK, Oxford and Imperial currently have the largest clusters of Top Italian Scientists (TIS –, followed by Bristol, King’s College, Manchester, Queen’s Mary and UCL – not shown in the post, as they all have 4 TIS.
After the post ( on the topic of Italian institutes’ ranking that we published at the beginning of this year, which attracted a lot of attention from the media, the VIA-Academy website has been flooded by emails, prompting us to expand the census of TIS. Most of the results presented in that post, albeit incomplete, are now confirmed by the analysis we have now basically completed.

A notable change, however, has occurred in the order of the top three Universities (, with Milan now first and Bologna third (while Padua has climbed from fourth to second position). 
These are the columns that sustain the prestige of Italian Science in the world!

The rising stars of…astrophysics

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