Dundee Rep Theatre’s latest production Baby Baby


Dundee Rep Theatre’s Associate director Jemima Levick directsNatalie Wallace and Kirsty McKay, Dundee Rep Ensemble’s new graduates in a frank accountof teenage pregnancy.

At Dundee Rep Theatre Wednesday 12 and Thursday 13 October at 7.30pmMatinee: Thursday at 2.30pm
7pm performances at Douglas Community Centre (14 Oct), Menzieshill CommunityCentre (15 Oct), Whitfield Community Centre (18 Oct), Kirkton Community Centre (20Oct), Finmill Centre (21 Oct) and Adler Complex (22 Oct)
The award winning Dundee Rep Ensemble presents Baby Baby, a deeply moving productionby author Vivian French.

Adapted from the ground breaking book, Baby Baby was first performed in 2008 when motherand daughter, Vivian and Jemima toured the production across Scotland to sell out audiences.Two teenage girls Pinkie and April are chalk and cheese but unexpected friendships flourishwhen they both enroll at Tinley Road School for young mums.

Vivian French said ‘As a massive fan of Dundee Rep, I’m delighted, flattered and honouredthat Baby Baby will be part of the Autumn season.

At this particular moment in time there is somuch in the press and on the news about young people, and sweeping (and usually damning)generalisations are offered by every so called expert.

My play is all about judging every youngindividual on their own merits; it’s something I feel very strongly about, and I do hope this comesacross in the story of Pinkie and April.

The characters are based on the young mums I workedwith in Bristol, and who asked me to write for them because ‘everyone blames us withoutknowing anything about us.’ I’m also very excited that the play will be going out to communitygroups, the heart of our society.

The play came from the community, so it feels very right thatit should be going back to what the girls always called ‘the REAL people’. A huge thank you tothem all!’

After the hugely successful Dundee Rep community tour last year of Alan Bennett’s TalkingHeads, Baby Baby will tour to Dundee Community Centre’s and local secondary schools.Tickets for Dundee Rep performances are on sale at Dundee Rep’s box office and tickets forcommunity performances can be purchased at community venues.