Canoeist Simone Raineri ready for Olympic game 2012


Winning a Olympic gold medal at the age of 23 is probably the secret ambition of every athlete. Being 34 and trying for a new one is more than a simple dream – it’s a sign of greatness.

Simone Raineri was born near Cremona, Lombardy, in 1977. In fact, he was quite a precocious boy: following in his father’s footsteps, Simone ran his first rowing races when he was just a child. Soon, he picked out his ideal competition: quadruple sculls – that is to say, four man on the same boat.

His competitive career could be described in a few words: he begun winning – and he’s still doing it. In 2000, he was in Sydney, where he took part to the Games of the XXVII Olympiad. It was a great triumph: during the final race, Simone and his companions beated the Dutch team and got the first place.

In 2001 and 2002, Simone raced in the World Rowing Championships: he won two bronze medals.

After getting the 10th place in the Games of Athens, in 2008 he went to Beijing and conquered the silver medal. Two years after, in Cambridge, he took part for the umpteenth time to the World Rowing Championships: he caught a new medal – another silver one. Now, in 2012, he’s more than a kid – but he has no intention to surrender. He’s going to London, and here’s his own target: a new gold medal – eleven years after.

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