Hampton Court Palace


welcome  in to Hampton Court Palace:

In the London Borough of Richmond upon Thames , Greater London, in the historic county of Middlesex, is one of the most beautiful palaces of Britain and ‘ undoubtedly Hampton Court Palace , the home of Henry VIII ‘s house. It has not Been inhabited by the British Royal Family since the 18th century .

just arrived, we are enveloped by his majesty ‘ of its red brick facade in Tudor style. Everything here takes us back to Tudor’s times . Among the corridors , rooms, the huge kitchens, gardens, seems to meet the courtiers , knights and ladies , and of course one of the rooms of King Henry VIII is also found , or rather his spirit present in the building just for centuries.

Hampton Court is  simply magic  , we makes a journey tour  of two hours immersed in the Great Britain ‘s history and we do not want more’ come away. The employees and volunteers every day take care of every detail to offer at the  visitors the best of the best , and visitors are excited about it. More than thousands of people come each year from all the world, to see the palace and hear his story. Henry VIII it was a King  very strong and much power . He was to give birth to the Anglican church after the split with the church of Rome. He who built many other buildings and to the history of Britain as we know it today. As you walk in Their footsteps through Henry ‘s apartments , discover the visual clues left behind by His queens In These magnificent rooms and find out about the events in the That shaped palace Their Lives .

 HC4It starts from the huge palace kitchens that are worth seeing. The kitchens are the most extensive of all Europe . Smell the boiling beef, hear the bubbling cauldrons and feel the heat f the fires. after following this itinerary on the map, very well done , go up to the palace to see the private rooms of the king. Beautiful rooms decorated with beautiful tapestries give welcome to the visitors. Henry VIII spent much of tapestries and he host a huge crowd of courtiers, and how we known he had many wives including the famous Anna Bolena, beheaded in the Tower of London . You can ‘ see also the beautiful Royal Chapel .

HC1The Chapel is still used for worship on Sundays and on special occasion . There ‘s also the replica of Henry VIII ‘s crown was used by all three of His Children before it was melted down at the Tower of London . The original crown ‘was deliberately destroyed in 1649 under the regime of Oliver Cromwell . But history go on. In the 17 th century William III and Mary Commissioned Cristopher Wren to transform the palace into the elegant baroque faschion . You can visit the state apartments of William III, King very private. Where he slept , where he ate, where he received guests in the wing of the building dedicated at the time of William III. But the beauty of this building not only inside , but is the outside also, with beautiful gardens.

After the visiting the palace , relax in over 60 acre of beautiful gardens bordering the River Thames, offering visitors a moment of beautiful , perfumes, and relaxation.

The huge garden is  divided into ares , all cured to perfection every haunting . The plants here, are sculpted of  green , the perfect witness to the beauty of the meadows made ​​in nature. There are deer, roses, and walking in these gardens have to spend at least two hours to turn them all .

Make a tour in these Christma’s days it a very fabulous atmosphere all is  more romantic and charming , but also throughout all the year to visit the palace is simply amazing, there is not a particular, best time to visit Hampton Court Palace,  you just to be seen .

Children enjoy wearing the jackets of the era, there are refreshments to eat, adults and children back for a moment . Hampton court Palace and ‘ one of those buildings that should be seen for its importance historical, artistic , architectural and cultural wealth for each of us.