Ongreening, a revolutionary online platform

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Ongreening, a revolutionary online platform focused on sustainable building, green rating systems and products has been launched during Ecobuild, the world’s biggest event for sustainable design, construction and the built environment, which takes place annually at Excel exhibition center, in London.  Ongreening’s mission is to spread knowledge and innovation, disseminate green best practices across the globe while providing free access to current information on a wide range of green building-related guidance, news and technologies. The remarkable innovation of this online platform is that it permits to search for products and verify their compliance with the most widespread green building standards such as Breeam, Leed, Estidama, Green Star and other schemes in just 2 clicks. Alfonso Senatore, founder and sustainability advocate with an over 15-year worldwide experience, ranging from cutting-edge sustainable building designs to carbon neutral urban developments and green rating consultancy explained: “This online platform was set up due to my long work experience in the green building sector. What I have noticed is that designers and companies have always wasted a lot of time in order to search on Google the products which could be fit with the green building standards, because even the big companies don’t have an in depth knowledge of the registers. So, we put an algorithm in our platform that allow to get a correlation between the characteristics of the products and the requirements of green building standards for every country”. He added: “ From one hand, the designer get immediately a lists of products that are in compliance with the country he was looking for; from the other hand, the companies using the search engine can chart the products and discover in which part of the world they are compliant”.

Furthermore, Ongreening isn’t only a simply search engine. In fact, the aim of the platform is to showcase the best practices and promote the expertise worldwide, getting access to industry insights, news, green rating updates, video interviews, tools and much more: “ We want to create a worldwide green leaders community, where designers can collaborate and share information”, said Senatore. “Our platform is an open source where designers can publish projects they have made​​, can create their own profile and get exposure for free. At the moment our aim doesn’t consist in making money, probably we will ask some donations to the company in the future, using the membership systems. The green building represents the future and this platform is already a little revolution”.