From the 3rd of July to the 12th of September, at 12 Star Gallery at Europe house in London is taking place the exhibition “Sentimenti Ri-tratti” by Flamina Mantegazza, an Italo-Brazilian painter. The exhibition coincide with the beginning of the Italy’s six-months tenure of the European Union’s Presidency.

The selection of 11 works by the painter gives us the opportunity to understand how an Italian artist from Brazil reacts to her country of origin once she is back. The painter composes urban landscape and also portraits of Verdi and Puccini, a tribute to Italy with her personal reinterpretation.
Everything is made using the recycled paper and colour, like in some materic painting, indeed sustainability is the concern highlighted by the artist through her exhibition. Flamina, during her creative career, had found the so-called art of recycling, the ideal vehicle for expressing the originality of the way in which she interprets the contemporary world.

The first and last painting are colours’ explosions, but the grayscale is dominant in all the other ones only interrupted by the red which is attended everywhere in different shapes, maybe it represent blood and so life. Probably it is a tribute to her mother country, in which during the 60s brazial painters used cardboard and grayscale in their works to express their indignation to the deforestation.

arte reciclataItaly has to be proud of the artists who bring the italian culture and art in the world, in particular of an international renowned artist like Flamina Mantegazza, who even if was born in Brazil honours the place where she studied and lives putting Italy in all her paintings. Unfortunately the most of the times italians forget that belonged to one the nation with more heritage in the world, fortunately there are artist like Flamina who remember us where we come from.