Mafia: a boggling business


We try to understand what ‘the Mafia: 

According to the statement of the National Anti-Mafia Prosecutor in Italy, the mafia organization crime have billed $ 100 billion a year, a veritable empire. According to the ONU, the crisis is allowing this organization to devour the financial system for only one reason: it enjoys plenty of liquidity that is lacking in the large business groups. Knowing this organization is to understand the operation of an illegal multi-national. It is everywhere: in the procurement of construction of ; in discussions pol-icies, in bureaucracy rooms; in the illegal parking; these groups are active in the management of immigrants, exploitation of prostitution, money laundering, drug trafficking, in the tobacco industry, in the international arm’s trade.


The problem is when he takes the face of the policeman, the politician, the repre-sentative on a local and on a national level, corruption, past, present and future.

The Mafia is over the shooting, the murders, the wars of the clans, it is all around, it is in everything. Luring recruits, not yet teenagers, into believing that it is the only choice possible of a life in front of a State that cannot always ensure survival, it is the choice of the unaware father of the family in order to maintain his off springs when he decides to work for an enterprise that illegally is disposing of toxic waste.
The manners of mafia can be simply represented as a behaviour, for example as to direct investments or stop the approval of rules ( normatives ) that gives out more severe of the prison terms for the mafia men (please see art.41-bis prison regula-tions.

This journey into the world of Criminal and business alike in the oldest group part of the organized crime in southern Italy, allows us to understand as today it is possible the violation of the economic freedom in our Constitution, thanks to the ruthless economic dynamics and powers. The Mafia is that thing that tells you “Yes” when everyone around you say “No”.

Today, the mafia has thousands of affiliates divided into 200 active families, throughout Italy, with reports and settlements abroad. The Mafia is no longer only the “il Padrino”, Francis Ford Coppola’s film, it is no longer the bandit with the cap and the shotgun: for the Italian is an inescapable reality.
This presence affects the whole of industrial production, subverting the normal rules of behavior of entrepreneurs and distorting competition rules, but how? Rising to the downside. The mob system expands its power and exercise control over the territories before national now international, winning dominant economic positions, and often monopolistic, which constitute an attack on the international balances. The first step is to defeat it is to know it, the Mafia once unknown, now today is a visible enemy represented by the society and by a State now both deeply tainted, the difficulty lies rooted in being Italian.