To the sky and beyond

Lens used by Herschel

London – It is a well-known that the only London’s planetarium is the spectacular Peter Harrison Planetarium, situated in Greenwich Park.
It was opened on 25 May 2007, and it is a part of the National Maritime Museum and it is situated at the Royal Observatory .The Planetarium is housed in a Cone and it is one of the single largest uses of bronze in the world; it is considered the centrepiece of the “Time and Space” project”.

A variety of stunning astronomy related films are shown on the new digital laser planetarium projector giving the audience a chance to view the earth and the solar system from space and explore the stars and galaxies of our universe.

[photo – Lens used by Herschel]
A fascinating thing is that the shape of the Cone is related to the stars and is unique to its location in Greenwich. Moreover, the top of the Cone is sliced at an angle parallel to the Celestial equator, the north side is aligned with the point in the Sky perpendicular to the Greenwich local horizon and the planetarium is finally aligned with the local meridian.

The sliced plane is covered in several stratums of reflecting glass which allows people to barely see the changing of sky and space. Inside the Cone people can be in very close contact with the space thanks to the visualizations based on real scientific data and real astronomers take the audience on amazing tours of the night sky and a sight of the Solar System, Galaxy and the Universe.

A game in the PlanetariumThink of a Planetarium as a tour bus of the Universe taking you on amazing journeys to explore and experience the wonders of the night sky.

The Planetarium can fly you into the heart of the Sun, transport you to distant galaxies, show you the birth of a star or land you on Mars. New shows throughout the day. You can experience a spectacular journey across the Universe at the Peter Harrison Planetarium. [photo A game in the Planetarium]