(NO) Heathrow expansion

Luisa Liu
Third Runway at Heathrow Airport by 2030.
Tory Conservative MP Zac Goldsmith has always campaigned to oppose a Third Runway at Heathrow Airport, since it would create not only huge noise and air pollution, specially for local residents. Moreover, this Heathrow’s plans contain a £500 million “gap” that could be passed on to taxpayers. That’s why Zac described plans to build a Third Runway at Heathrow as “catastrophic”.
Yet, today Theresa May and Cabinet have brought back the plan in order to boost jobs and growth and to ensure the country’s success post-Brexit, making Britain post-Brexit even more open, global and closer together -increasing the number of flights torward Scotland. The department for transport also claim that it would deliver economic benefits to passengers and the wider economy worth up to £61 billion and create up to 77,000 new local jobs over the next 14 years.
Business leaders welcomed the decision and called for the runway to be built as quickly as possible, since these infrastructures will give the access to global markets. It is just vital for the economic growth.
Anyway, the storm of protests still remain. A huge number of environmental charities criticised these plans. Condemnation of the scheme to prevent climate change, noise and air quality.
Prevent the catastrophic plan or pursue the successful plan is your choice. Please, do it.