Heart charity urge people to look after their hearts


Charity teams up with video producer in National Heart Month

Helping hearts charity, Heart Research UK and video publisher Streaming Well have joined forces during National Heart Month urging people to make lifestyle changes that could help reduce their risk of heart disease.

These short videos show people how making just a few healthy changes can help to reduce their risk of contracting one of the country ’s biggest killers. The videos cover the three main areas which can have an effect on the heart – exercise, eating, and smoking.

Latest figures show that heart disease kills 94,000 people in the UK every year[1] and there are currently 2.6million people living with the illness in this country.[2]

Over 12,500 people under the age of 65 in the UK died from coronary heart disease in 2008[3] out of a total of 88,000 deaths.

Barbara Dinsdale, Heart Research UK ’s Lifestyle Manager said: “Making those small but manageable lifestyle changes are so important for your health and can help to significantly reduce your risk of heart disease. National Heart Month is a great time for people to take charge of their lives, today could be the day that you stop smoking, do more exercise and eat healthier –helping you and your family to live happier, healthier and longer lives. ”

Heart Research UK and Streaming Well believe that by educating the public on important lifestyle changes to eating, physical activity and smoking habits, they can reduce their risk of developing heart disease. This will not only lower the burden of one of the UK ’s biggest killers, but help people live healthier, happier and longer lives .


Heart Research UK is a visionary charity that leads the way, funding ground breaking, innovative medical research projects at the cutting edge of science into the prevention, treatment and cure of heart disease. There is a strong emphasis on supporting patient and surgical projects and young researchers on their first steps into research. The charity also encourages and supports original healthy lifestyle initiatives that explore novel ways of preventing heart disease in all sectors of the community. Visit its website to find out more about the charity ‘s fundraising and research activities as well as helpful hints on heart health.

Streaming Well is Europe ’s largest health video producer and publisher, reaching millions of patients and healthcare professionals across the UK, Europe and worldwide. They produce and publish evidence-based educational videos in multiple languages that educate patients and inform healthcare professionals.