London’s beauty trought a camera


Marco Dall’Omo is an Italian who for more than ten years has been living in London, whose places has been captured by countless shots of his camera. Native of Northern Italy, he has been fascinated by London’s power of suggestion that continues to keep alive his inspiration. About the photography Marco expresses with the clarity and the enthusiasm typical of a real passion that has prompted him to take part in exhibitions and to create the blog where you can found his most beautiful pictures. Here’s his passion through his words.
How was born your passion for photography?

Traveling, to remember places and images and that I wanted to keep in memory .

What inspire you the initiative to take a picture?

Well, different things especially colors and theirs patterns.

Why do you take pictures?

I take pictures to stop an image that moved me and to communicate what I see into.

Why did you choose London?

I came to London to travel and learn the language, I eventually decided to remain and establish my life here, but I like sometimes come back in Italy like so travel around the world, of course.
Which is the part of London you prefer?

I really like the view of St. Paul from the Millennium Bridge, but London offers lots of fascinating images.

ReflectionsOfPiccadillyWhen do you think a picture becomes art? I think it’s a subjective perception, but certainly the originality, that is what make it possible to recognize an author by his characteristic traits, is a symptom of art. I’d like to get something like that with my pictures.
Pictures have a strong media impact. What is images’ function in the mass media?

While the news tell what happens, pictures allow you to see it and that produces a very significant emotional closeness.

Do you think a picture holds an instant or a narration? A narration; I think a picture, even capturing an instant, inserts it into a narration that is both what the author want to tell and what the photographed object transmits to the observer regardless of the author’s intentions.
Photography is maybe, among all forms of art, the most accessible. Social networks like Facebook and Instagram are examples. What do you think about that?

I find them a useful mean to share what you need to communicate. They offer a global visibility. They give photography a greater exposure than any other forms of art can get. An image circulating through the media can be a powerful influential tool.
Food4ThoughtsWhich of your pictures do you prefer?

Maybe the pictures of Venice that remember me the bond with my land, but often the most appreciated are these I like less and conversely.


phot by Marco Dall’Omo