Interview The Pakistan women and men


Interview The Pakistan women and men compare each other Written by Susanna Trino italoeuropeo 

The Pakistan women and men compare each other. London- Schaista, from Pakistan, talked with us about a traditional wear in her country, the Hijad. She also told us about the women’s condition, the relationships between man and woman and about the Qur’an .

The Qur’an tells nothing about the duty to wear the Hijab for the women, so how did this obligation develop in your country? It was developed from the necessity to return to be modest, she told us. When someone created the humans and the world all men were naked, they didn’t need a lot of things, but now it’s different, with the society development the people have more things, and more things we have, more things we want. For this reason we search the modesty.

The Qur’an doesn’t talk about the duty to cover with a veil our head but it talks about the necessity to be modesty, to return to the origins. The veil is a way to be modest and to safeguard from the development. So she took a piece of paper and drew for me two candies. One was wrapped in its coloured paper and another one without paper and bitten by a side. She asked me, if you had got a sweet wrapped in the paper and another one without its paper which would you eat? The candy with paper, it’s obvious, I told her.

So it’s the same with the women and the veil. If I wear the veil I can preserve myself. You wear the Hijab every day, but is it a choice for you? Sure. I like it. My husband or others in the family didn’t say me that I must cover my head. I want to wear it because I like it. What do you think about the Burqa and the women who choice to wear the total veil? They are very proud. It’s very difficult to put on a total veil for all life. I admire these women.

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