casein increase the risk of cancer?


London – What is really clear is that a liter of milk has a lot of healthy elements, it contains proteins, calcium, sugars, mineral salts and good fats. It’s necessary to maintenance of teeth and bones. But could the casein’s consumption have negative effects for the man?

The casein positive qualities and elements are definite from long time, what we don’t know exactly is if there are some elements which could have negative effects for the human life. In particular, some academics are studying and linking the casein with the cancer.

Effectively there are a lot of scholars, milk’s enemies, who think the milk, and the casein as well, could increase the appearance of cancer. Some scientists studied that the number of cases’ cancer is high in the countries where the casein’s consumption is the main component of the diet. And the reason is simple, in the casein there are so many growth hormones which develop the cancer. If you eat fat food and you consume so much casein, eating a lot of food containing milk or cheese, your apparatus cedes and this cause the emergence of diseases’ degenerative, as the cancer.
Some academics think that this negative effect could derive not just from casein use, but if you eat a lot of meats or eggs, as well. So if you follow a an high protein diet the risk to have a cancer will rise for you. If you want to be in heatless you shouldn’t eat so much meat, and so many eggs, and so much meat as well. But today there are a lot different researches and studies about a lot of new negative effects causing by the food, so the question is, what can we eat in safety and without the preoccupation to eat not good and healtly food.