London around the world


Africa, Europe, USA and Saudi Arabia. At the World Travel Market, which took place at the Custom of Excel in London, from 3 to 6 November, the world in window to promote what their countries offer, in terms of tourism.
There were two main topic which are, particularly, interesting: Ebola disease and the Iraq war. We wanted to find out how these issue have been compromising the tourism in the hit countries.

We interviewed Mrs Deffa Watt, Head of Communication of tourism Department in Senegal. We wanted to find out further details about the Ebola disease to esteem the level of risks in the country.

“The media tend to exaggerate. Senegal has nothing to do with Ebola. In the last few months only one case has been registered but we, immediately, adopted the sanitary procedures and now everything is constantly under control. Senegal is such a lovely place to visit. You can find seaside, wonderful landscapes and any sort of activities suitable for everyone”, Mrs Watt replied.
At the contrary, Nigeria is a country where the disease has spread significantly. We discussed it with the Director General, Nigerian Tourism, Mrs. Sally Mbanefo. “Not surprisingly, there has been a drop of the tourists in the last few months because of the panic caused by the disease. By the way, we have been strongly tackling the issue in order to let everybody come. Nigeria is a wonderful country and it is worthy to be visited, Mrs. Mbanefo explained”.
Another issue is the Iraq war. According to this, we talked with Ali Abudalreda, Director of the tourism Office in Iraq. “It’s a tough period for Iraq. Due to this conflict, the tourism has plunged dramatically. Iraq is a beautiful country to visit and we are doing everything is possible to sort this issue out. Iraq will be flourish again, Mr. Abudalreda assured”.
Through the European countries the efficiency and the organization of Hungary, the Uk and Germany were simply astonishing. At the contrary, some Italian stands seemed to be disorganized and lacked of leaflets and relevant information. Moreover, some Italian representatives refuse to grant a short interview for the press.