Everything we do, has an impact on our planet

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 London – (TAKE LESS, GIVE MORE)-The relationship between nature and people is important, isn’t it? Have you ever thought about how much the environment has influenced our life? It is possible to find out several information in a lot of museums, especially in the “Natural History Museum” situated in Cromwell Road, in London.

This is one of the most fascinating museum in Europe, and it is totally free! It is the most ancient and biggest one and there you can find different zones and the Red Zone is perfect to discover more about environment.

You don’t need a tour guide and you can explore on your own: there are displays showing informative video and photos all along the way that help you in your unearth of the whole planet.

However, if you have a problem don’t worry: you can ask all that you want to the polite museum staff.british terra

In the Red Zone you can find how our planet has changed from the beginning because of the increasement of the carbon footprint and others natural phenomena… Moreover, there are some scientists who show visitors some experiments to let them understand how to approach the nature and they leave them breathless; in fact there are many sectors where you can see how to recycle or reuse important materials like plastic, paper or glass.

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